Creative Director

From content creation to brand development, I took a holistic approach to introduce an established subscriber base to an elevated brand experience.

Brand Development

The main design challenge with SketchBox was the high variability between boxes. To keep visual elements from competing, I created a clean and minimal brand identity which allowed the products and art to be the focus. Each month I illustrated a sticker to be included in the boxes, highlighting the hero product of that month.

Art Direction

Managing the Featured Artist Program, I worked with incredibly talented artists to introduce subscribers to high technical skill artwork which demonstrated the materials in our boxes. [Below: Michelle Anderst | Cara Rosalie Olsen | Paulette Jo ]

Michelle Anderst |

Educational Content

Beyond curation, my role focused on creating educational content that was informative from a product standpoint while educating subscribers on the fundamentals. By explaining the foundations of art, we empowered subscribers to make technically proficient pieces.